2H House

Quận 2, Tp HCM

100 m2


The project is located in the new planning resident area, which is many strict urban legislations such as: step back buildings, the number of stories, the height of  building etc, at district 2, Hochiminh City, Vietnam. The house was designed for a young successful couple and two children.

The owners strongly desired a traditional slope roof building full of the natural elements – sun light, wind ventilation, gardens – as well as the modern interior. Moreover, two significant requirements for design team at the first meeting are the flexible connection of different spaces and security for the house.

In during designing process, we had so many meetings so as to discuss, study about the site, interior spaces, façade, materials, … Finally, Truong An come up with a proposal, which convinced our clients completely.

The exterior illustrates a sculpture with several simple, coherent architectural lines. In addition, we are not only apply five main modules of squares for the facade, but also the proportion of the smaller size glass bricks were scattered more than the bigger size one. The colorful interior picture is come from the natural light when it penetrates the colorful glass bricks from out side to in side at daytime. As the result of artificial lighting at night time, the shinning colorful skin which makes the building more friendly as well as surrounding atmosphere more warmly.

The space inside the house is various following the different level. At first, the ground floor is much more open. In fact, the small garden in the center of plan which is not only the transition space between the kitchen and living room but also the interesting view that is glanced from any corners of the ground floor. The most impression of the tiny green area is that trees and grasses are lighted from sun light as well watered from a sudden rain. Besides, the double height void at the dinning table is called connecting space because the parents easily communicate with the children in different higher levels. Bay-window with magnificent natural oak wood sofa is highly appealing as shined by natural light. An simple meticulous straight white stair is outstanding from a exposed red bricks wall which was designed from first floor to top roof. Then, the second floor is named “flexible space”. Truthfully, master bedroom can be merged frequently with children room into a large family space in order to have useful play-ground for children activities. In the other hand, when each member needs a private, a big room can be separated into individual room easily by oak wood doors. The view of family corner is more exciting by adding a spiral steel stair. By varying the position and size of atriums talentedly, that makes the spaces in house more various as well as closer. Finally, the different functions of  the third floor are library, entertainment, top roof garden. Light and rain water can naturally fall in to the garden where the parents educate their children about the vegetation, agriculture. Looking up the top roof, significant pattern round steel frames were designed not only for security function but also for bringing unexpected elegant shadows on the walls in different moments of the day. The slope edges of roof bring familiar spaces on this floor.

All spaces under the slope roof is woven and melted together without distance, border as well. Inside-outside, human-nature are the one.