Quận Phú Nhuận, TP HCM

33 m2


The owner of the house is an Saigon Artist who is living with his mother. They have lived here for such a long time so that the open space in font of one level building, more than seventy year olds trees,  as well as memorial objects have been become a part of their life.

In fact, the well, vegetations, pets – beautiful dog, naughty cat, birds, friendly pig, turtle and specially his creative pictures are regarded as daily closed friends.

The most important thing is that the Artist desires not only a new private house but also this building must be harmonic with the existing nature, one story house and their pets as well. These creations and natural life are their family inspirations for their works as well as for their life.

About the architectural languages, the faces, fundamental solid blocks, and natural light that catching from top roof are magnificent characters of the dwelling. The grey color of exposed concrete was used in order to reduce glare of reflecting light which is considered in design in Vietnam – a tropical country. More over, the less bright color makes the building more harmonic with the surrounding landscape.

Finally, a separated water closet area for business services in font open space was also took a consideration in design at the first step. People, all objects and natural life are the one.